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Plant or Pet: Which Is Right for You?

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Plant or Pet: Which Is Right for You?

Collinwood is a pet-friendly assisted living community, though we can't accommodate animals of larger varieties. The community is also home to beautifully landscaped grounds, raised garden beds and walking paths, so whether you're a plant enthusiast or a pet lover (or both), we have something to offer. Having a pet companion or plants in your assisted living apartment can bring many benefits, but how do you know which option might be right for you?

Benefits of Pets

Pet companions, such as dogs and cats, provide a lot of benefits. Studies have shown that they can reduce stress and encourage happiness in individuals of all ages, and they can also help reduce feelings of isolation for people who aren't used to living in a space on their own. Dogs also force you to get out of your assisted living apartment regularly, taking short walks around the grounds, which can be good for long-term mobility and overall health.

Benefits of Plants

Indoor plants come with a range of surprising benefits. First, having lush greenery or live flowers in your space throughout the year can boost your mood and reduce the impact of seasonal mood disorders. Research has shown that people are more productive in educational or office environments where interior landscaping is present, and patients in hospitals also seem to benefit from greenery. Having plants in your assisted living apartment can even improve the air quality and reduce ambient noise, all while providing you with an enjoyable hobby.

Which Should You Choose?

You don't have to choose either, and you can choose both. But for some people, either plants or a pet really stand out as the right option.

A pet might be the right choice if. . .

  • You want a companion that can respond to you and show love, excitement and concern
  • You can afford to care for and feed an animal companion
  • You are mobile enough to see to the pet's care, such as scooping kitty litter, walking a dog or putting food out
  • You want a long-term companion and plan to remain in an environment where you can keep a pet for several years

Pets that might be right for an assisted living space include small or midsize dogs, cats, birds and fish.

A plant might be the right choice if. . .

  • You don't particularly care for animals or don't want one living in your assisted living apartment
  • You enjoy the botanical elements of nature
  • You have a natural green thumb or have always enjoyed gardening and want to bring some of that into your living space
  • You have a window in your apartment that gets plenty of sunlight

Any indoor plant can work in your apartment, though consider your knowledge and skill at caring for growing things. If you're new to indoor plants, consider starting with an easier option such as ivy or a window herb garden before moving up to more difficult botanicals such as orchids.

If you're thinking of incorporating plants or pets into your Fort Collins assisted living apartment, talk to the staff for assistance or to get ideas about options.