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Ideas for Making Christmas Cards in Your Assisted Living Apartment

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Ideas for Making Christmas Cards in Your Assisted Living Apartment

The tradition of sending greeting cards for Christmas dates back to 1843, when Sir Henry Cole wanted to find a way that regular people could use the Public Record Office (the ancestor of our Post Office) more. Now, more than 2 billion Christmas cards are sent each year in the United States alone, and residents at Collinwood in Fort Collins can get in on the action while enjoying fun craft activities. Here are three ideas for making Christmas cards in your assisted living apartment or with others in the community common areas.

1. Seasonal Mosaics

All you need for these fun greeting cards is heavy stock paper or blank cards, colorful paper, scissors, a pencil and glue.

  • Draw the outline of a simple seasonal scene or Christmas symbol on the card. Options might include a snowman, star, Christmas tree, gift box, sled or even a basic nativity.
  • Cut up appropriately colored bits of paper into smaller pieces.
  • Arrange the paper on the drawn scene and glue it in place.
  • Allow the card to dry for 24 hours before mailing it.

2. Snow Globe Cards

A bit of ingenuity and a few common craft supplies are all you need to make these fun snow globe cards that will delight the grandkids.

Gather the supplies, which include a heavy-duty small plastic zipper baggie, clear dish washing liquid or hand soap, holiday-themed metal or plastic confetti, blank cards, scissors, glue, and card stock. Optional: glitter.

  • Add about two tablespoons of dish washing liquid to the baggie, along with several of the confetti pieces. Optionally, add some glitter.
  • Press the extra air out of the bag and flatten it; secure the zipper closure and then glue it shut for good measure.
  • Press the bag flat again, spreading the dish washing liquid out along with the holiday decorations inside.
  • Cut a square out of the front of the card.
  • Glue the baggie to the inside of the card front so that it shows through the square you cut.
  • Cut a piece of card stock or paper to cover the back of the baggie and complete the card.

When mailing these cards, consider wrapping them in tissue paper to protect the snow globe in the front.

3. Photographs and Messages

If you want to make a lot of greeting cards or you're not quite up for crafting a flat snow globe, consider turning favorite photographs into personalized Christmas cards. Simply glue a photograph to the front of a blank card and write a heart-felt message inside.

Making your own greeting cards can be a way to spend cold afternoons in your assisted living apartment, and you don't have to stick with these ideas. Simply gather a variety of supplies, including markers, crayons, ribbons or stickers, and have fun without worrying too much about making a perfect product.