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5 Creative Ways to Work With Paint in Your Assisted Living Community

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5 Creative Ways to Work With Paint in Your Assisted Living Community

Working with paint can bring all of your creative ideas to life, it can be a peaceful pastime and can unite you with your neighbors over shared crafty passions. We have several options for you to work with paint here at Collinwood, and we encourage you to pursue painting this July during World Watercolor Month.

Set Up Your Own Artsy Space

You’re welcome to set up an arts and crafts space in your own apartment here in the community. You don’t even need special furniture or equipment to get started. When working with paint, we recommend covering a flat space with a trash bag or newspapers and placing your canvas or painting paper on top. 

You can purchase inexpensive brushes, watercolors, pots of other types of paint, mixing palettes and other supplies at local big box stores or over the internet. Check with staff to see what we might have available on site already that you can borrow.

Arts and Crafts With Stacey and Melissa

Every other Tuesday (in July, on the 17th and 31st), we have Arts and Crafts with Stacey and Melissa scheduled for 1 p.m. You can check with us ahead of time to see what type of craft is already on the schedule for these days, and we’ll also work with you to schedule painting days for our future scheduled Arts and Crafts events.

Residents’ Choice Events

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6 p.m., we offer Residents’ Choice events. So pick your fancy, gather up your friends and neighbors who may be interested in the same painting or crafting activity and come talk to staff so we can get it scheduled. Like with Arts and Crafts afternoons, we already have some supplies available to be used and can work with you to stock up on more ahead of scheduled events. With so many possible days to fill each month, you'll have plenty of time to get creative with paint.

Artful Creations

Every Friday at 1 p.m., we have Artful Creations scheduled for the activity area in C building. This weekly event is just as it sounds: an opportunity for you to come out and create something artistic. We won't always be working with paint, but you can speak with us ahead of time so we can make plans together.

Other Opportunities for Creativity

Take advantage of our great indoor common areas or gorgeous outdoor grounds and paint on the go. We can help you set up a table or easel somewhere on the property. Take advantage of cooler breezes in the morning or evening to paint landscapes outdoors, or while away a pleasant afternoon indoors in one of our community areas drawing abstracts or portraits. If a few people want to paint together, we can help you plan your own little event as well.

Here at Collinwood, we believe in fostering passions among our residents, encouraging creative expression and providing innovative programs including music, art and pet therapy. Check our calendar of events regularly to see what's already scheduled or speak with staff to set up your own plans.