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3 Ways to Celebrate National BBQ Month as a Senior

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3 Ways to Celebrate National BBQ Month as a Senior

May is National BBQ Month, and even though you may no longer have a grill of your own, you can still celebrate this fun occasion here at Collinwood. Try out these ideas for yummy side dishes, new sauces and marinades you can make for family and friends or include in your next community get-together. And don’t forget to check the activity calendar to learn about special or ongoing events to attend with your friends and neighbors.

Barbecuing at Collinwood

Don’t fret that you don’t have a grill of your own in your apartment here at Collinwood. You have some other options available to celebrate National BBQ Month this year.

First, while it’s not quite the same as charcoal or gas, you can enjoy great barbecued meat thanks to electric grills like those made by George Foreman. Talk to the staff about whether you can use a small electric grill in your assisted living apartment.

Next, remember that we have a country kitchen right here in the community that you can use for special events or when your family gathers. And if you prefer consuming great barbecue more than you enjoy cooking it, check out the catering services we offer. You can even pair that with our outdoor dining options for authenticity.

Finally, if your son-in-law or cousin Ed makes the best brisket around, never hesitate to request they bring you some to enjoy in your apartment or in one of our common areas. You can make some yummy sides to pair with their offering.

BBQ Pairs Best With …

… many different things, actually. Beat the heat and whip up a fun side dish in the country kitchen to pair with the meat you prepare, your family provides or you’ve ordered from catering. Try these easy-to-make recipes that you and your family and friends will just love this National BBQ Month.

Share the Love with Sauce and Marinades

The right sauces and marinades make good barbecue great. Even if you aren’t planning to have barbecue for yourself this May, you can still make some seasoned greatness to share with family and friends for their own barbecues. Blogs and Pinterest are full of spicy ideas to make and share in decorative tins and jars. Check out these recipes that you can whip up as fun seasonal gifts (or make with your grandkids the next time you visit them).

When you make these recipes to give away, remember to caution your relatives to keep liquid marinades refrigerated and to use them within about a week (since you haven’t added preservatives). Most sauces can be refrigerated for up to a few weeks, and dry rubs can be stored in cool environments for up to a month or two.

This May, spend some time celebrating National BBQ Month in your own way by hosting here at Collinwood, making some great BBQ sides or making and sharing some spicy condiments to enhance the BBQs your friends and relatives host.